Daily Archive: March 25, 2013


When Principles Become Problems (UPDATED!)

In addition to my classroom responsibilities, I am also formally tasked with duties relating to supporting and promoting diversity in my school.  I receive a base salary for the former and a stipend for...



“These kinds of bad health issues usually come in threes,” I remember thinking, just hours before I burned my hand to the point that it is now covered in blisters. It’s been a really...



[This has been cross-posted from Mindless Diversions.] by Mike Schilling In many Jewish families, there’s a Passover question that logically precedes the canonical Four Questions: where are we going to have the Seder this year? Perhaps...


What Aaron Swartz Was Really Up Against

Prosecutorial overreach (whether you think the underlying conduct was a crime or not), the nuts and bolts of what really happens in a court, tribalism and its effects on popular culture, and most importantly,...

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