Daily Archive: March 21, 2013


Lessons Learned in the Workplace

A month ago I wrote my last front-page post about my sudden/unexpected career shift and the process of accepting it and moving forward.  Since I normally average one front page post per week, the long layoff...



The number of questions this revelation offers me are seemingly limitless…


Dignity, Empathy, and the Iraq War

So Digby’s reading these Iraq War mea culpas — and thank god for that because I tried before quickly determining I can’t stands no more: David Ignatius wrote his Iraq mea culpa today and...


A Modest Feminist Proposal

by James Vonder Haar In a recent comment thread, NewDealer had this to say, quoting Zerlina Maxwell: “Teach young men to believe women who come forward and not to blame the victim.” This is...


Why Civil Marriage?

A commenter asks in response to Elias’ post on the problem with arguments against same sex marriage: As a person who is single and has taken care of one of my parents for 18...

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