Daily Archive: March 20, 2013


The Good Tube: The History Channel Does the Bible

by Henshaw The Bible has been getting big ratings on The History Channel the past few weeks. Generally speaking, I’m a little weary of these types of TV events. Most entertainment pieces about the Bible have been...


Dansons la Capucine Mid-Week Jukebox And Open Thread

We veer off into bloody-nose fistfights far too often. So let’s take a song apart. “Dansons la Capucine” is a French childrens’ song. the lyrics follow: Dansons la capucine Y’a pas de pain chez...


CIA to get out of automated killing.

Or so says a new piece by Daniel Klaidman. This seems to generally track with how I viewed the Brennan nomination. Now let’s see how this combines with attempts to revise the AUMF or...