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Walking Dead Discussion Thread: S3 E14, “Prey”

Spoiler Alert: Do not read this post or the comment section if you have not seen the show. Also, for those who have read the comics, please do not discuss plot elements not revealed...


On Dr. Ben Carson and Fallen Heroes

by Kevin Blackwell Today I am in mourning. I’m not an emotional dude—so that really is saying a lot. I’m mourning one of my most prized childhood role models, famous pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben...


The Trouble with Registries

by Mad Rocket Scientist Recent news articles have highlighted the California system of firearms registries & confiscations.  For most news outlets, this seemed to be a ho-hum article of how the system works.  They make...


What is Teaching?

Our own Mike Schilling explores some interesting elements of English grammar, ultimately noting that the rule in question is such that “[w]e know it well enough that there’s no need to teach it.”  This...


Forget me not

Back before there were photographic school yearbooks, it was not uncommon for young people to have autograph books. They were small notebooks with hard covers that were small enough to fit in one’s pocket....


To Fail as a Son

The last time I saw my father I was twelve years old. Before boarding the airplane that would return me to the home of my mother and step-father, I had sat on the edge...

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