It’s All Over: Chris Hayes Moves to Prime Time

Ethan Gach

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5 Responses

  1. Dan Miller says:

    I’m worried that the need to produce new material every weekday will water down his quality. Running a nightly news show has to be insanely tough.Report

    • Michelle in reply to Dan Miller says:

      I fear the same thing, but suspect he’ll still be a lot better than almost anybody else. But I will miss his weekend shows.Report

    • trizzlor in reply to Dan Miller says:

      Yeah, this is a big deal. Having a day versus a week to digest the news, consider all viewpoints, and get relevant guests makes a huge difference. I doubt that *all* of the other newscasters set out to make thoughtless shows, but just that the BREAKING NEWS/INSTANT REACTION format significantly limits the how thoughtful they can be.Report

  2. Jesse Ewiak says:

    Considering his shows are two hours and quite frankly, I feel a lot of times the discussions get cut off just when they’re getting good, I can easily see him expanding his current two-hour show to five one-hour shows without too much bloat and typical partisan warfare.Report

  3. BlaiseP says:

    Ed Show was a waste of space. I watch Rachel Maddow and have to endure the last bit of Ed Show before she starts. Ed wasn’t mean enough to be a Billo and not quite crazy enough to beat Rush Limbaugh though he sure as hell tried. Putting that wizened grifter Maxine Waters on all the time just annoyed me. And will someone please, please put Rev. Al out to pasture? He just burns my bacon.

    MSNBC needs to get smarter or meaner or both. It’s like a Symphony for Single Cymbal.Report