Walking Dead Discussion Thread: S3 E13, “Arrow on the Doorpost”


Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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15 Responses

  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    I don’t think there will be a showdown next week. I think it will be about preparing for war and mostly involve Andrea at Woodbury trying to figure out how to stop the Governor.

    As for who will kill him, my money is on someone unexpected like Milton.Report

    • Avatar Patrick Cahalan says:

      I think the showdown will be the second to last episode, and then the last episode will be a teaser for next season.Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    I think, though I’m not sure, that when Rick is talking about “the only way they’d accept it” he’s talking about the Michonne “deal” as in the only way the group would agree to hand her over is if they were terrified of the alternative. I would really prefer to be wrong as Michonne is starting to display some good indications of group bonding and I’d hate for that to blow up in her face. I somehow doubt she’s passively accept Rick turning her over.

    Andrea, of course, was returned to Woodbury for only one reason. She has limited coherent intellectual reasons to remain in Woodbury (the only way should could actually like the Governor was in ignorance of his sins and Hershel dispensed with the last of her ignorance with his confab at the peach store). Possibly she thought that if she defected now that it’d trigger an immediate battle or forclose the possability of a settlement. The main reason, however, as the previews tipped us off was to: erprvir sebz Zvygba gur arjf gung gur Zvpubaar qrny vf n gbgny funz naq gung vg vf na nzohfu naq gura syrr Jbbqohel gb oevat gung arjf gb gur cevfba.

    As for the pool. I’m pretty confident Tyreese and his lady are meant to be with the prison group. My money is that Tyreese, after seeing the Governor commit (maybe force) near hapless fighters (likely including the more treacherous of Tyreese’s former group dudes) into charging Ricks dug in forces at the prison, offs the Governor and flips sides. IMHO it would require an act of that magnitude to allow him to get into Ricks group.
    I think it’s also safe to assume that once the battle concludes the prison is too damaged to be a refuge and the Woodbury forces are so decimated that Walkers are able to storm the weakened town and destroy it.Report

    • Avatar Glyph says:

      when Rick is talking about “the only way they’d accept it” he’s talking about the Michonne “deal”

      This was also how I took Rick’s talk w/ Herschel.

      This ep. was pretty dull I thought (Patrick’s recap was more exciting).

      One thing I questioned: Can a crossbow bolt penetrate a truck windshield? If I am a henchman driving up to Daryl and he draws a bead on me, can’t I just run him over, or shoot him from behind my windshield?

      Crossbows are fine for walkers, but when it comes to people, I’d keep a pistol handy.Report

      • Avatar North says:

        Hmm you know? I don’t know… if the bolt hit the windshield at a 90 degree angle I’d say yes indubidoubly but with any angle I’d say you’re looking at a serious chance of it deflecting. It’s not the same as a bullet, that’s for sure.Report

        • Avatar Patrick Cahalan says:

          A modern hunting crossbow can drive a bolt into a car wheel. Into the actual metal.

          I think it’d go through a windshield okay. I’m not going to be the one to test it, though. Windshields are more expensive than a wheel.Report

          • Avatar James Hanley says:

            That’s what auto wrecking yards are for–go have some fun!

            Or send the idea into mythbusters; I bet they’d find a way to have some fun, at no risk or expense to you. 😉Report

      • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

        I’m probably the only dork that realized this but Darryl got a crossbow upgrade this week. The crossbow he was using for the last 3 seasons was actually a youth model (another fan pointed this out last season and I read it somewhere). Last week Michionne loaded a new crossbow into the car with the other supplies from Morgan and Darryl was carrying this model in the most recent episode.

        With all of that said, an adult-sized, modern crossbow is a fearsome weapon and I think it could handle a windshield with the right angle. If it comes in shallow though it could ricochet, just like some bullets would do.Report

    • Avatar Patrick Cahalan says:

      I think, though I’m not sure, that when Rick is talking about “the only way they’d accept it” he’s talking about the Michonne “deal” as in the only way the group would agree to hand her over is if they were terrified of the alternative.

      I didn’t read the scene that way; why would they accept a Michonne trade deal after the little speech Rick gave about how evil the Governor is? No, I think he wants them scared of the Governor because that’s the only way to keep them united behind the idea of sticking it out when the assault comes on the prison.Report

    • Avatar MaxL says:

      I think this is right. I expect you are on to something about Tyrese, too, especially in regards to members of his group ultimately ending up on different sides of this conflict. And if Tyrese is going to make the right decision about the Governor at the cost of losing losing a member of his group – then it sort of follows that Rick will make the right decision about Michonne, and probably at the same cost. After they went through all the trouble of having Rick haunted by Lori’s “ghost” and the decision she represents – “Is it possible to survive in this world and still be making a world worth living in?” – there is no way he can sacrifice Michonne and keep his sanity.

      This is sort of trivial, but in an ordinary show I would bet a nickel that the scene between Darryl and Caesar just means they will have their boss level fight in the next episode. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game and all that cliched crap. I wouldn’t bet my nickel with this show, though.Report