Daily Archive: March 12, 2013


2-0 down? No problem.

Leo Messi and Barcelona decided they’d just go and demolish AC Milan at Camp Nou 4-0 to seal a 4-2 aggregate victory and proceed to the next leg of the Champion’s League….Messi had an...


The Seated Woman: a Tuareg poem

By request, another poem by Souéloum Diagho. A few words of explanation: Diagho’s poems contain words with doubled meanings, especially the word “cour”, which can mean courtship or enclosed space. Boegiboe helpfully observes the...


Princess Pauline Rescues Mario

Programmer Mike Mika hacked in to the code for the classic video game Donkey Kong so that his three-year-old daughter could play as Pauline instead of Mario. He writes: “She really did seem to enjoy...


The Future of Digital Comics According to SXSW 2013

At various times during the past 24 hours I’ve tried to log in to ComiXology on my tablet with no success. That was, of course, because of a recent announcement Marvel made at SXSW....


Writing for nothin’ and yer clicks for free!

The recent Thayer/Atlantic dust-up caught my eye because it touches on things that I have some personal experience with; writing for free at The Atlantic for one, but also the slings and arrows of...


Imbalance of Power

Courtesy of the the New York Times, what makes these two pictures similar?