I wonder if he’ll get threats, too…

Nob Akimoto

Nob Akimoto is a policy analyst and part-time dungeon master. When not talking endlessly about matters of public policy, he is a dungeon master on the NWN World of Avlis

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16 Responses

  1. North says:

    Class act that Patrick Stewart but I don’t have the faintest desire to rape him. Then again I also have no desire to rape Zerlina Maxwell; does that count as a tie?Report

  2. Burt Likko says:

    It’s Sir Patrick now? When’d that happen?

    Good for him. Both for his knighthood and his use of his platform to try to make the world better.Report

  3. Kazzy says:

    Boldly going where few men have gone before!

    (I got that reference right, right?!?!)Report

  4. Patrick Cahalan says:

    He’s been a big public voice about domestic violence for years (close experience, from what he’s said about it).

    I bet he probably does get death threats. He probably gets fewer of them than Zerlina Maxwell. He probably gets about as many serious ones as anybody else who is famous (not many). He may actually get more serious ones than Zerlina Maxwell.

    Usually, people don’t actually kill celebrities. The people that do are usually a particular sort of broken.

    The response against Zerlina seems to me to be more about group dynamics and standards of acceptableness than it is about actual violence. As Zic points out above, rightly I think, it’s about the array of abuses. I mean, “I hope they all die in a fire” is a pretty horrible thing to say about people, but I don’t take it seriously when people say it (it can even be funny if you get the timing down), and I don’t find it “generally” offensive (although it certainly could be particularly offensive).

    On the other hand, I find “I hope you get raped to death” is both generally and particularly offensive. Because unfortunately there’s still a pretty wide array of abuses against women. Because unfortunately a lot of people get raped. Not too many people are burned to death.

    The Zerlina affair tells me that a large chunk of society can be incredibly abusive in a very curious way to a large set of persons. It requires an ability to disassociate that’s really remarkable. Everybody has a mother. Most people would never dream of saying something like “I hope you get raped to death” to their mother.

    I have to wonder if the inability to understand the difference between “die in a fire” and “raped to death” is a huge lack of imagination on the part of the person opening their pie hole.Report

    • zic in reply to Patrick Cahalan says:

      I get your point, and appreciate it. But the general writing falls below your usual high standard, Patrick; you need better metaphors.

      The ‘die in a fire,’ is really a variation of, ‘hope they get whats coming to them,’ it speaks of our general ability to perceive someone who owes a karmic debt. ‘Die in a fire,’ feels like ill wish that may sprout from our sense of fair, or senes of balance, no matter how misplaced.

      ‘Raped to death’ is a specific ill wish, a wish of pain, shame, harm, and ending. As a completely untrained and non-practicing hedge witch, I instinctively feel such wishes are very evil and harm the wisher.

      And that is the pretty much the entirety of my non-theology. If you can’t wish someone well, don’t wish them anything at all, to paraphrase my mother.Report