Announcing the April League Symposium: College Education in the 21st Century

Michelle Togut

Michelle Togut resides in North Carolina with her husband and pets. She has worked as an adjunct professor of history, contributor and writer, and small-firm attorney, among other things. These days, she's trying to sell real estate. For fun, she reads political blogs of all persuasions, practices yoga, drinks wine, hikes, reads, and volunteers for a local animal rescue.

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6 Responses

  1. dhex says:

    is there a preferred or at least recommended length “sweet spot” to shoot for. i know “as long as the piece warrants” is a reasonable answer, but curious if there’s something more concrete.Report

  2. Will H. says:

    I would rather Hanley wrote my guest post this time around.
    I’ll tell him 1800 words is good.Report

  3. NewDealer says:

    I will do something on Liberal Arts/Huamnties Majors, Jobs, and the Long Game of Careers.

    These are just rough thoughts.Report

  4. Thoreau says:

    I might submit something on STEM pipelines, bridges, pyramids, and other civil engineering endeavors.Report