Daily Archive: March 6, 2013


Wednesday Night Jukebox – Stompin’ Tom, RIP

Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors passed away Wednesday. He was 77. His contribution to Canadian culture has been well-documented, and the outpouring of grief on social media this evening speaks to what he...


Cult of the CEO, Feminism Edition

One of my pet peeves, one I will just never be able to fix and should probably have dropped ages ago, is how bourgeois so much elite journalism is today. Yes, I know it’s...


FYIGAQ, Better Of Ted edition

Imagine you are magically transported back to April 21st, 1889.  You find yourself in the town of Braunau am Inn in Austria-Hungary.  Before you lies the one-day old Adolph Hitler, unattended in his crib....