Walking Dead Discussion Thread: S3 E10, “Home”


Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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14 Responses

  1. Avatar Glyph says:

    This ep was about a zillion times better than last week’s. Sad to see Axel go, he was shaping up to be interesting I thought. The backstory stuff on the Dixon brothers was good too; if the writers are going to redeem Merle at all, they obviously need to do something, so he’s still a psycho racist; but he was abused as a child, which goes a little way towards explaining him.

    And I know Andrew Lincoln’s acting gets guff from some people, but I think he is totally selling this whole hallucinating crack-up. I also really liked the beautiful, minimal synth score during those scenes.

    And hey, Michonne communicated, VERBALLY even, some useful info she had observed (the Gov.’s fishtank heads) ! Baby steps, Michonne, baby steps…Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer in reply to Glyph says:

      The scene where Merle ripped Daryl’s shirt and realized he had been abused as well and said (sincerely) that he had to leave or he would have killed him (their father?)… was really good. He looked genuinely pained to have that realization. I hope they can redeem him but I agree that is a long way off. Here’s to finding him and Michionne in bed together in Season 6!Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

        Merle also had the (guilt? self-awareness? self-preservation-instinct?) to admit that he had beaten the snot out of Glenn; he knew that due to that, he wasn’t likely to be accepted at the prison.

        Whatever his motivation for saying it, or his feelings about it, it demonstrated a little more thought process than just ‘psycho troublemaker’.

        I also liked Glenn realizing that somebody needed to step up, but fast; there’s not a lot of time to debate proper rules of succession, when you’ve got a one-legged old guy and a baby in yr group and the sheriff is clearly off his rocker.Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Glyph says:

      I’d note that with Axel’s death that is the last of the original prison natives to be offed. I feel a little bad about that, particularily with the massive raw deal Oscar got.Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    While cinematically they were pleasant (and astonishingly idle: drenched in sun, swaddled in the hum of the insects and the slosh of water) Rick’s dazed roaming annoyed the fish out of me.

    Gosh we just raided a much larger heavily armed human encampment a days’ journey or two away from us and we know that they know where we are. You know what this is a perfect time to do? Go into a fugue state!!!
    Gosh we’ve lost people; we’ve got some really solid seeming dudes offering to throw in with us and help manage the crippling manpower shortage we’ve been suffering from. Also we’ve just severely pissed off our neighbor who has dozens of armed peeps in his employ; evening up the numbers might help a lot. You know what this is the perfect time to do? Go into a fugue state!!!*

    I despise angry Glenn. I suppose psychologically it makes sense that he’s livid though the whole scene of it smacks of some kind of uncomfortable gender thing that makes me feel twitchy. One thing is for sure, his bombastic bellowing, stomping and general idiocy really doesn’t settle well with me. It’d look dumb on a big hulking guy but on a smaller dude it looks really dumb. I wonder if he drove off to the back side of the prison and punched trees a little while listening to heavy metal or something.

    I’ll give it to the show though, when they blew that walker-bomb truck through the gate and thus turned the front yard from potential farmland to just another walker hole I felt for the group. I could feel my heart sink. I don’t imaging the group is capable of repairing that gate. Also shout out to the Governor ya evil psycho- you’ve got some dedicated people if you were able to convince someone to drive a gate through the enemy’s front door them hoof it out on foot while they shoot at you.

    Michonne is a terrible shot. This is appropriate because she’s a badass at melee.

    Also the Spanish group on the bridge: Why do none of you dingbats have any melee weapons at all? They literally were bapping walkers with their pistol buts once they ran out of bullets.

    Speaking of bullets, how many did the Governor and Ricks group plow through in that firefight? The sheer waste of precious irreplaceable resources in that engagement (and the others now that I think about it) is agonizing. What’re the odds of a dice cast and ammo fabricating setup existing in functional form anywhere on the east coast that is making new bullets? I mean geeze..

    *And a shout out to Tyreese. Yeah the prison looked pretty nice while they were visiting but good on you for recognizing an irredeemably bad situation when Rick started burbling his lips and waving a gun at you and bugger out of there.Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer in reply to North says:

      The thing with Tyreese was a weird mis-communication. If I was one of the other folks I would have pulled them aside and told them to go chill in the block they cleared for Axel and Oscar until Rick calms down. Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to North says:

      I wondered about the ammo thing too. The Governor in particular was just firing volleys into the air, not even spraying AT anything…WTF? Just waving his d**k around I guess?

      “able to convince someone to drive a truck through the enemy’s front door them hoof it out on foot while they shoot at you. ” Not just any truck, an ice-cream truck full of the undead.

      I don’t know if I’d want that job, seems to have about the life-expectancy of “Jurassic Park Raptor-Delivery Guy”Report

      • Avatar Mike Dwyer in reply to Glyph says:

        I took the ‘spray and pray’ strategy to be about keeping them pinned down until the walkers could get them (Hershel was most in danger). That’s honestly the only way his strategy could work because obviously Rick’s group can handle a yard full of zombies if they have time to plan.Report

        • Avatar North in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

          Frankly the main damage was done when the truck smashed the gate down. Anything past that was trivial compared to the towering devastation of that blow. A huge part of the prison’s appeal was the idea of a large open area that could be unambigously secured. Not any more.Report

          • Avatar Mike Dwyer in reply to North says:

            Meh. Remember Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior ? The good guys secured their little fort by armoring up one side of a school bus and then rolling it into place as a gate. It’s actually way more secure than a chain-link fence. I could see Rick and company doing something like that.Report

  3. Avatar aidan says:

    At the end of the episode where it shows a trailer of the next episode does Carl say to rick “stop being a leader” and if he does do you think that will happenReport