Daily Archive: February 8, 2013


The Great Blizzard of ’13

Hey, Northeastern US and eastern Canadian Gentlemen and Gentlewomen! How’s that awfully amazing blizzard working out for you? Everyone staying safe and warm I hope?


Reasonable Rights

by Mad Rocket Scientist Rights. A lot of ink, both physical & digital, has been spilled discussing the nature of Rights.  Are they natural, inherent, divine, granted, or won?  Are they positive or negative? ...


Teaching Social Norms, Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts where I will explore the interesting phenomenon that is teaching social norms.  As an early childhood educator, I am tasked with far more than teaching...


John Yoo: Making sure he remains a parody of himself.

From Jack Goldsmith at lawfare, we have a link to a remarkable op-ed by John Yoo which argues that the problem with the White House white paper recently released on targeted killings suffers from...