7 thoughts on “Meet Buffalo Wild Wings II

  1. I saw this exact situation play out a few years ago–in a Buffalo Wild Wings, in fact. Crowded table, someone took someone else’s keys w/ a small pepper spray can, hilarity (accidentally) ensued. Not sure what accounts for the restaurant being cleared in this case–when my friends did it, we noticed a smell but it wasn’t a big deal. As I recall, we shuffled around to avoid the ‘epicenter’ but didn’t even leave the table.

    The experience did not convince me of the wisdom of widespread concealed carry in sports bars.


    • My mother once pepper sprayed herself by proxy getting gas. Can was on the keys, she sprayed her hands on accident, washed them and rubbed her eye later.

      I had to drive her home, because you really have to work to get all that stuff off your hands. It takes a LOT of washing to get that stuff off.

      Of course, in high school I once saw someone fiddling with a pepper spray or mace can and spraying it into the air — right before a teacher opened the door and walked through the cloud.

      Unpleasantness ensued.

      People are idiots. Teenagers doubly so.


  2. My wife came home from working at the library reeking of pepper spray once. Seems some guy was exposing himself to women & masturbating in front of them in the stacks. Security was called and the guy ran, got tackled and pepper sprayed by the reference desk, where my wife was working.

    Did a lot of laundry & cleaning that night…


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