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Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion

At The Barnstormer, Jeff Parker formed a poem from Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) quotations, Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion:


Think I’m Ready To Try Again.

Dear Readers, As many of you are aware, I made an attempt last summer to crowd-source the remaining funds needed to obtain my degree. Despite the well wishes and contributions from many in the...



by James Hanley What are your thoughts on the sequester issue?- What’s going to happen? – Will there be a deal? Will the Tea Parties allow a deal? – Will Boehner craft a working...


When Bad Public Policy Meets Bad PR

Yeah, so that’s not going to do much to ease parents fear of guns in the classroom. My only question is, how was Obama able to control the arc of the ricocheting bullet?


The Times They Are A-Changin’

My fraternity days were just 15 years ago, and my house was probably more liberal than most.  But although I treasure my experience, that doesn’t change the fact that an idea like this would...


The Work Done by “Very Smart People”

We all rely on, and are duped by, very smart people. It happens all the time, and we can’t do otherwise. Let’s start with someone I think probably no one doubts is a bigot:...


Thursday Night Bar Fight #2: When Animals Attack!

Note: Thursday Night Bar Fights is a new FP regular feature.  In a nutshell, each Thursday I’ll offer up a topic for folks to chime in and argue about – but each topic will be...


This Conversation is Being Recorded

I’m going to start by saying that this is not legal advice, and indeed may be against any number of civil or criminal laws in your local jurisdiction. It’s generally first and foremost a...


Montauk and MON TIKI, Winter 2012/13: A Slideshow

Today’s storm is from the East, not the Northeast. The grass is starting to green up. Winter’s on its way out. Spring is coming. You can feel it. Thanks to all for your encouragement...


The CPAC Snub and Conservatism’s Irrelevance

You’ve no doubt heard by now about the fooferaw over Chris Christie’s snub by CPAC, in which he has been refused an invitation to speak at the meeting of conservative glitterati, purportedly because his...


FYIGAQ*, Bigotry Edition

There is a lot of conversation going on about bigotry, particularly with regards to the views of people who question granting full rights, equality, and inclusion to LGBTQ folks.  I find it all very...


How Do You Solve a Problem Like A Bigot?

It was about 15 years ago that I saw firsthand how love of enemy and justice for the oppressed clashed with each other. I was in seminary at the time and one Sunday afternoon,...


Well intentioned truancy policy goes awry.

A friend of mine is having to deal with the administration at her kid’s school treating her children as being absent without cause while dealing with losses to close family members. She’s started a...


Trade Sequence Part 4 – The Race to the Bottom

So, I’m doing this again. I thought it was high time I returned to my Trade Sequence, I can’t spend the whole time enjoying Wellington abnormally good summer weather. In light of the recent discussions about sweatshops / working...


The Oscars seem to be everywhere today…

What with predictions, diaries, and a space-awesome real-time email exchange/live-blog.  Having seen neither last night’s ceremony nor (I think) any of the actual movies in question, I will instead contribute the only thing I...

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