Monthly Archive: January 2013


Forty Years

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  This is a really interesting resource for seeing exactly where we stand 40 years later.


Dear Mike Malloy:

Please don’t make me feel the need to defend Rush Limbaugh.  Seriously.  It makes me want to shower. (Hat tip to Sully) Update: Mike, not Marc.


Too late for the gun symposium…

… but perhaps worth noting anyway.  Authorities say two young men got into a fight at a community college in Texas.  Unfortunately, each was carrying a gun.  In their attempt to solve their own...


In Praise of the Big Box Bookstore

Sitting in a Barnes and Noble cafe at the start of January, I read: What is astonishing is the quantity of books worth reading at college age and later which cannot be bought except...


Continue to Dream. Continue the Dream.

(Update: The text of this post is a transcript of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.) I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the...


Should the Left Fear (Or Hate) Its Wonks?

If I am notorious for anything in the blogosphere—other than being that guy who won that thing at the Washington Post that one time—it’s probably my persistent (if gentle) criticism of “The Wonky Left.”[1]...


Friday Jukebox: What Cultural Pluralism Sounds Like

So much of modern pluralist politics in the USA boils down to a fight over what America means. That’s as good a cause as any to fight culture wars. As Pat Buchanan once put it,...


I Stand Corrected

I recently wrote a post about the frustration I feel when it seems that Hollywood is only willing to cast young actresses in “sexy roles”.  Well, while recently watching “A Very Harold & Kumar...


Now That’s More Like It – Special Reality Edition

Last week Kazzy wrote a post on the heartwarming story of “the remarkable relationship between an elite college football player and a girl.”  And as remarkable as that story was, it wasn’t nearly as...



Here’s a bit about commas. It’s actually difficult to express grammatical rules systematically and in your own words, so I’ve likely made some mistakes along the way. What follows is less “here are the...


Coca-Cola Is Just Bad For You

Andrew Sullivan rounds up some reactions to a new ad by one largest distributors of beverages in the world: