Daily Archive: January 31, 2013

Late Thursday Jukebox: Songs I Sing To My Daughter

Lain likes it when I walk around, holding her, and singing. This is odd, because my tribute to God in church is not singing. It’s tough to find good songs to sing. I prefer...

Wild Ocean

It was really windy last night, and from the South, which is odd. The wave just cresting is about 20′ top to bottom.


I found this to be an incredibly awesome read, and thought it deserved a link. “Look at me overcoming a wrench.” (image credit: linked post)

Beowulf-Grendel book club reminder

Just a quick note to remind everyone we’ll be starting our Beowulf-Grendel book club tomorrow.  We’ll be discussing lines 1-1007.  (Pages 3-67 in the Heaney translation – only about 30 pages or reading for...