Daily Archive: January 29, 2013


Notes inspired by The House of Mirth

Is marriage an unsolvable problem? It certainly seems that way from the case studies offered in Western literature where happy marriages are few and far between and often of the long distance sort of...


BIBI, Armed Bears edition

Many folks argue that the right to keep and bear arms is not only Constitutional, but also self-evident: our right to our weapons exists beyond the framework of any particular government or document.  With...


Open Thread – Kids In The Hall Edition

Glyph recently reminded me how much I love the Kids In The Hall, the Canadian, produced-by-Lorne-Michaels-but-non-SNL sketch comedy show.  So I thought I’d start up an open thread with a sketch which is really...


Too Steep A Path

Yesterday I read the Senate Gang of Eight’s proposal on immigration reform. (Since when was Marco Rubio in this group, which first formed before he was elected to the Senate?) It promises a “tough but...

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