Daily Archive: January 24, 2013


James Poulos is a Rock Star

“GarageBand allowed me to make more and better music in a few weeks, while spending most of my time reading complex works of political theory, than I was able to do in years before...


Change in the Air

“Our nation was built on the premise of the citizen soldier. In our democracy, I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the nation, and every citizen who can meet the...


Doping, Blade Running, and Wheelchair Basketball

Andrew Sullivan criticizes Jeremy Rozansky’s condemnation of steroid use by claiming that steroid use is perhaps less morally arbitrary than genetic inheritance of athletic ability. I agree with Sullivan that there is no question...


Because I’m Weirdly Inquisitive: Teenage Sex Edition

Recently, I’ve been asking some seemingly bizarre questions.  My intention when doing this tends to be three-fold: 1.) I tend to have a less-than-firm answer to the question, a rarity for an arrogant SOB...

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