Daily Archive: January 17, 2013


Now That’s More Like It – Special Reality Edition

Last week Kazzy wrote a post on the heartwarming story of “the remarkable relationship between an elite college football player and a girl.”  And as remarkable as that story was, it wasn’t nearly as...



Here’s a bit about commas. It’s actually difficult to express grammatical rules systematically and in your own words, so I’ve likely made some mistakes along the way. What follows is less “here are the...


Coca-Cola Is Just Bad For You

Andrew Sullivan rounds up some reactions to a new ad by one largest distributors of beverages in the world:


Barack Obama 2.0 = the Left’s Mitch McConnell

(Alternate Title: “Trolling the Republicans: Obama’s Elephant Gambit”) It’s 2013, just days before a presidential reinauguration. Do you know who your president is? The blogosphere contains myriad cottage industries inspired by Barack Obama’s supposed...