The Rhetoric of Crisis

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4 Responses

  1. Shazbot3 says:

    “We need the honest discussions. Now isn’t the right time to have them… the right time to have those honest discussions is now.”

    You are some kind of dirty dialetheist?

    Or possibly when you first wrote “now” at some time T1, it was not the right time to have the discussions, but by the time you wrote “now” again at time T2, it became the right time.Report

  2. Morat20 says:

    I think it does need to go on record that reflexive “We don’t need to politicize the issue” statements are, in fact, generally politicizing the issue. 🙂

    I think a better statement would, in general, be “We should avoid knee-jerk reactions and proceed with caution and rigor” or “proceed calmly” would be far more productive.

    I’m quite in favor of heavy restrictions on guns. (As I’ve noted before: Register every last one with the feds, including a yearly fee, get rid of carry permissions without demonstrated serious need, and probably seriously crack down on handgun availability. And lots and lots and lots of fines for unsafe, stupid, or irresponsible activity.) However, I would not trust legislation passed in the first few weeks following any massacre, even if it fufilled my personal wish-list of a better America on the issues of guns.

    Given a month or three? That’s different.

    I can agree that Something Must Be Done. I can agree that Something Must Be Done Soon, For This is Serious and People Will Die.

    But, well…the PATRIOT act has soured any part of me that thought tragedies might prompt swift, intelligent legislation. As a reason to pass legislation, yes. As a touchstone for what you’re trying to mitigate, prevent, encourage, or whatever — yes. But not as a reason to pass it RIGHT THIS SECOND, before we’ve thought it through.

    Or a club to beat people into submission over.

    (Although I can sympathize. Watching the NRA’s moar guns press conference, I was sadly reminded that there was the well funded, massive, 900-lb gorilla of the NRA versus…well, a scattered collection of Democrats who hadn’t bothered with the issue in a decade and yet were somehow sinister overlords biding their time. Having met Democrats, I have a hard time imagining them involved in a conspiracy. Mostly because it’d never get out of committee).Report

  3. Kazzy says:

    “We’re going to have the gun-ban crowd and the Moar Gunz crowd shouting slogans at each other.”

    Isn’t referring to them as the “Moar Gunz crowd” itself a slogan being shouted?Report