Akemashite Omedetou

Christopher Carr

Christopher Carr does stuff and writes about stuff.

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  1. damon says:

    QFT Sir.Report

  2. BlaiseP says:

    Dateline: Metairie, Louisiana.

    From before dusk, well into the night, fireworks screech and detonate. At midnight, the pyrotechnics reach a crescendo. I get out of bed, open the cold bottle of Lunetta Prosecco and pour out two glasses and bring them back to the bedroom.

    The bursts of fireworks are nearly continuous now. C remarks she’s never seen a town with such fireworks at New Year. We quietly toast the new year, put on some BBC nature documentaries and go back to bed.

    Making bread this morning, going next door to the landlord’s place after noon. I am blessed with the kindliest landlord and landlady ever I did know of. She has taken to my girlfriend with a will and he hugs me almost every time he sees me. Finnish smoked salmon and hors d’oeuvres and loads of champagne are in my near term future.

    ganjitsu ya
    taga kao mite mo
    nen no naki

    On New Year’s Day
    Look at anyone’s face
    it is carefree

    Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.Report

  3. zic says:

    The old year ended with a cold. I slept it away. A relief, in a way, because I cannot drink, and the forced revelries with drunks does feel a lie. For my sweetie, a musician, it’s one of the best-paying nights of the year; yet he stayed home with me. While I slept, he worked on setting up controls for rc parts using Arduino and Max. His students will be building fun stuff.

    Suggestions for unusual sensors would be welcomed.Report

    • BlaiseP in reply to zic says:

      Kinect is a wonderfully versatile sensor: Here’s a useful chunk of Java to interface with it.

      If he’s already working with Max, I have an odd idea: coupling his Max music with a live dancer.Report

      • zic in reply to BlaiseP says:

        Thank you, he’s already doing both, I believe.

        By sensors, I mean the small things in devices; gaming controllers, furbies, TV remotes, etc. As long as something captures and puts out an analog signal that can be converted to digital or a digital signal, it’s fair game. The car, a web-site updated in real time, a data base, a twitter stream . . . but physical sensors, from toys and devices, that can either trigger events in Max or be triggered by events, that’s the goal.Report

        • BlaiseP in reply to zic says:

          Heh. When I’m asked what I do for a living, I tell ’em “I make hostile machines talk to each other.”

          Every such communication is driven by necessity, the mother of invention. Arduino has many such cards. Best to think through the application use cases, then build the interface.Report

  4. Major Zed says:

    Usually I step outside just after midnight and for a few seconds be totally in the moment, zen-style, fully realizing I am here on Earth. Last night, instead, I read the Primer on Guns. This web site is a drug. My wife wants me to stay away.Report

  5. Miss Mary says:

    It’s becoming quite the tradition for me to go to bed well before midnight. 🙁

    I do remember taking a late night walk with my sister when I was a girl. It was when 1999 turned into 2000. It’s nice that you can take a walk that late at night and know that lots of people are out for the same reason as you.Report

  6. Diablo says:

    I am sick from visiting family. My brother’s little girls gave me a bad cold. I went to sleep around 10.

    In the future, I think fast food places will be viewed as houses of worship. The great Roy Rogers/ Carls jr split while be like Catholic and Protestants. The Gold Arches were places of the Sun God.Report

  7. Kim says:

    Toshikoshi Soba for meReport

    • Christopher Carr in reply to Kim says:

      My wife’s family doesn’t do osechi, but they definitely do toshikoshi soba. That plus sasuke, Down Town, and a warm kotatsu is a good way to spend New Years.Report