Daily Archive: December 30, 2012


Guns In America symposium reminder

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, this month’s symposium – which starts Jan. 2 – will be on Guns In America.  If you still wish to submit a post, feel free to...


As American as Apple Pie

by Zic The request for instructions on pie crust challenged me. It’s so easy to do. And so difficult to explain; for it’s all in the touch, the fingers, a delicate thing, stroking butterfly...


When Worlds Collide

Former-Eagle Jason Babin might have uttered the quote of the year when he apparently attempted to invoke “socialism” to criticize his former team:


Egypt post-election: now what?

Egypt’s Islamists have long prayed for a constitution around which to build their Muslim paradise. Now they have their constitution and the country’s money is fleeing. Morsi kept saying things would get better once...