I got a new camera.


David Ryan

David Ryan is a boat builder and USCG licensed master captain. He is the owner of Sailing Montauk and skipper of Montauk''s charter sailing catamaran MON TIKI You can follow him on Twitter @CaptDavidRyan

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Jojo says:

    My takeaway from your writing is that you’d rather nobody watch your films at all, and that the only good piracy is your piracy.Report

  2. Avatar Jeff No-Last-Name says:

    I’m glad you love sailing and can make a living at it. Your movies are incredibly niche — I’m not sure who the market is or how to reach them — as is, I doubt they would ever return much beyond the investment, if that. Other niche producers are having it tough, but they’re making it by finding and interacting with an audience, and getting LOTS of feed-back on what’s wanted and what’s not.

    I really think you’re going to be happier on your boat. Enjoy.Report

  3. Avatar Jennifer says:

    David, judging from the few photos you have already taken with your shiny, new camera, I predict the world at large will benefit from your renewed interest in photography. You have a keen eye, and that is evident in your films as well as in your photography.

    Jeff, I am perplexed by your “incredibly niche” comment about the Comstock Films. They are anything BUT that. Each film is romantic, passionate, intimate. Each film demonstrates what love can and should be. You’d have to be comatose not to appreciate these sexy, beautiful films. I’d hardly call that “niche.”Report

    • Avatar Jeff No-Last-Name in reply to Jennifer says:

      My feeling is that the people who would like them because they are “romantic, passionate, intimate” are going to be put off by the sex. The people who would like them for the sex wuld be put off because they are “romantic, passionate, intimate” . I could easily be wrong, but that’s my feeling.

      “You’d have to be comatose not to appreciate these sexy, beautiful films.”

      Or hearing-impaired. I haven’t seen a closed-caption version of these movies, so they might as well be in Swahili as far as I’m concerned.Report

  4. Avatar joey jo jo says:

    That Jojo ain’t me, BTW.
    I have issues with Rich Buddha’s positions, but he writes well.Report

  5. Avatar Jason M. says:

    Is it safe to assume you got the GH2 as much for it’s above average video capabilities as for taking stills?Report

  6. Avatar David Ryan says:

    The media world is short on time and money both, and video is too expensive to produce and takes people too long to watch.

    I have heard the G2 has good video capture, so I’ll probably play around with it. But I think right now the percentage is in well-shot stills as a loss leader for hard-goods and services, which is to say advertising photography, which is what I was doing 20 years ago, and which is apparently what I’m doing now in a company that has nearly complete horizontal and vertical integration. It’s a Rod Dreheresque fantasia of self-reliance as practiced by libertine communitarians living in a Republican stronghold in a very Blue state!Report