Daily Archive: December 6, 2012



Today is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. December 6 is a sad day, for it was on December 6, 1989, that Marc Lepine murdered 14 women at L’Ecole...


Zombie Graphics

I’m a visual guy. I love creative graphics. When I saw this I also thought immediately of Brother Pat.  The National Post provides what may be (not hyperbole) one of the coolest things I...


…no, this isn’t a joke.

Police: Handcuffed high school student shoots self in back of police car. Be careful while you’re in Houston, Kazzy. Don’t want you shooting yourself while handcuffed.


How ACORN Stole the 2012 Election

NYRB‘s Mark Danner has a nice retrospective on the election (remember that?) that takes a view of the country both high and low. There’s a hefty dose of the What It All Means pontifications...