Daily Archive: November 22, 2012


A Few Words Of Thanks

I am grateful for my education and my admission into a profession which — though it frustrates and stresses me greatly at times — nevertheless also embodies many of my personal ideals, challenges me...


Messing with Market Forces: the evolution of competition.

Precis: Markets arise from competition. Antitrust law arises from the need for competition. Intellectual Property laws ought to protect the rights of those who create ideas. This essay arose from Roger’s comment about competition...


I Post This Song Every Year Jukebox And Open Thread

I’m thankful for my magnificent good fortune that covers stuff that I talk about all the time, stuff I know better than to talk about all the time, and, of course, this magnificent community...


How To: Make Green Beans In Less Than Six Hours

Perhaps you’ve heard: today is Thanksgiving, that day when everybody spends hours upon hours cooking so that everybody they love can enjoy a half-hour meal before retiring to the nearest fainting couch to die...

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