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Walking Dead Discussion Thread: S3 E6, “Hounded”

*Spoiler Alert: Do not read this post or the comment section if you have not seen the show. Also, for those who have read the comics, please do not discuss plot elements not revealed on the...


Comment Rescue: Once More, with Feeling

Brian Houser writes: “But how can a libertarian believe that any system that transfers wealth by supporting social safety nets, public school funding, or progressive taxation is just?” Ultimately, he can’t (unless all that...


Meditating on Hipsters, Irony, and the Role of Status

What follows is in reference to this post about hipsters and irony. I will attempt to demonstrate one theory for how we get from hipsterism on the one hand to the politically destructive use of irony on the other....


My Handwriting, My Self

New languages seep into you—slowly at first, and then, suddenly, you begin to notice its influence.  At least in the anecdotes, this frequently happens through the confusion of words as the mind is momentarily...


Forward Movement for the GOP

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky’s junior senator, was not my first choice when he ran for his seat in 2010. The Tea Party scared the hell out of me and I wanted a more moderate candidate....


Treme, Season 3, Episode 9, “Poor Man’s Paradise”

I’ve argued through my recaps this season that we’re seeing a very defined cleavage between the behavior of the show’s white characters and the behavior of the show’s non-white characters. I have spent the...

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