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  1. Avatar Burt Likko says:


    Bicycle kicks continue to look like a really good way to me to break your own neck. But wow, this kid just stands up again, up takes off his shirt in celebration, and hears every football fan in the entire nation of England simultaneously say the same very naughty word.Report

  2. Avatar James Hanley says:

    Gooooooool! Thanks for sharing that.Report

  3. There is no denying that that is truly impressive, but I mainly enjoyed it for the sound of the ecstatic Swedish commentary.Report

  4. Avatar scott a. says:

    Ibra is a Magnificent Bastard when he’s in the mood. He said a few years back that he was done with international football, but I’m glad that he’s reconsidered. I’ll also enjoy the schadenfreude involved in the English press reacting to this with their usual anguished self-questioning of “Are we really as good as we think we are?” (up to #3 in recent FIFA rankings). Answer: No, no you are not, and you had a bit of luck getting past Sweden in the Euros.Report

  5. Avatar mark boggs says:

    And he roams the front line of my favorite French club: PSG.Report

  6. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    For those who don’t speak Swedish and only watched the video above, that was his f-f-f-FOURTH goal of the match. #smhReport

  7. Avatar giovanni da procida says:

    Space Awesome indeed. The man is a freak of nature.Report

  8. Avatar Johanna says:

    Nice. I always enjoy some good soccer although I would have been more impressed if the defender managed to stop that beauty.Report

    • Avatar Fish says:

      I once dug one out of the goal mouth. I mean, it was indoor soccer and it was NOTHING like Ibra’s shot shown here, but my keeper had come out and the ball got behind him. I raced down and slid and knocked the ball clear. Unfortunately, this being indoor, sliding is a no-no for everyone except the keeper, so I got a yellow card and our opponents got awarded a PK for my (rather selfish) play. But the other team did congratulate me on an excellent play while I executed my walk of shame off the field, so there’s that.Report

  9. Avatar David Alexander says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m always trying to get my friends who think Soccer is stupid to appreciate moments like this. This guy is a bit of a scoundrel too. And, as someone pointed out in an earlier post, it was his fourth goal!Report

  10. Avatar Fish says:

    Original linky removed, but here it is again:


    Fantastic goal! But Joe Hart’s gotta know that if you’re coming that far off your line to play that ball, you MUST put it out!Report