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I know most of you all around here find soccer unwatchable and soccer posts around here tend to result in a giant yawn from the commentariat.  But I submit that if you do not...


Thermomixed Up Strikes Back! (The Work and Dignity Edition)

S/V INTEMPERANCE, November 2009, somewhere between Montauk Point and Bermuda “You can’t throw bull with the ocean, she won’t listen.” — Harold “Dynamite” Payson, Build the New Instant Boats (Previously, Parts 1,  2,  3 , 4,  5, 6, 7 and 8) In...


The Meaning of Human Sexuality: A Philosophical Query

I don’t suppose I’ll be courting much controversy by saying that human sexuality has historical meaning. The sexual revolution would have made no sense had sex meant nothing to anyone. It was a reaction...


On “Free” Markets

by James Hanley Part II: Dedicated to all the quiet folks who read part I. I’m still astounded that despite my repeated disavowals some folks were certain that I was arguing that that modern...

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