Daily Archive: November 14, 2012


Let’s Deal the Cards!

by Mike Schilling The Monty Hall Problem is a great piece of recreational mathematics, because it’s very simple to state, doesn’t require any advanced mathematical tools to analyze, and has a solution that’s both...


Disruption Junction, What’s Your Function? Part 2

From The California Public Utilities Commission: Lyft, SideCar, and Uber were cited $20,000 each for violations of state law, including operating as passenger carriers without evidence of public liability and property damage insurance coverage...


On Twitter Avatars

A recent twitter exchange with James Bennet, combined with a recent change to my twitter avatar causes me to gather up some thoughts about the way we use photographs as a part of our...


After This, More Ketchup. I Swear.

Here’s some deep in the woods philosophical stuff. It may only be of interest to libertarians, and maybe not even to them.


The Tragedy of the Commons

by M.A. The concepts of a “Free Market” and the idea of an unregulated market producing whatever gains an advocate is looking for, or advancing a policy that liberals or conservatives (depending on the...


Grand Old Podcast (Errr, Leaguecast)

At around 9pm EST, several of us will be doing a podcast tonight devoted to the election results and the ramifications of said results on the GOP going forward. The voices included will primarily...