Daily Archive: November 13, 2012


Watch This

Joshua Slocum – Sailing Alone Around the World


Fifty Shades of Purple – Blue States Are American, Too

One thing that was not deeply discussed in last night’s Leaguecast is that this election demonstrates that the GOP is at a huge structural disadvantage in the Electoral College, as it racks up huge –...


The Elephant in the Room

~by Dennis Sanders Within a few moments of knowing President Obama had secured the 270 electoral votes needed to win a second term, the explanations and recriminations had begun. The two that bubbled up...


Paradise Lost: “Eves, Apples, Adam Smashers!”

[Note: Oh, hey, how’s it going?] Brother Jaybird has an adage about never mistaking matters of aesthetics for those of morality when forming public policy. But I wonder if it goes the other way...


Holbo on Libertarianism and Propertarianism

Bleeding Heart Libertarians has an interesting symposium going about left-libertarianism, mainly of the Roderick Long/Gary Chartier variety. I’ve been following closely…


Faulty Polls and Self-Offsetting Tax Cuts

After a Twitter exchange with Tod today, I decided to finally pull the trigger on a post I’ve been considering for a few days. Read on! — As nigh-on every denizen of the political blogosphere...