Daily Archive: November 12, 2012


Game Of Thrones Appendix!

The astucious MikeSchilling has put together a spectacular essay detailing the breeding habits of the Spanish Royalty. If you’re familiar with how Game of Thrones is pretty much a retelling of the War of...


“Romney Was Too Liberal to Win”

Another myth busted.  Now can we please stop talking about how Obama won by “supressing” voter turnout, or that Romney lost because he couldn’t get conservatives to come out for him due to his...


On Markets

by James Hanley In my experience “discussing” libertarian ideas with liberals I’ve noticed that the term “free markets” is a real bugaboo. Whether it’s the smug question, “what is a free market,” posed as...


A Question About Same Sex Marriage

I hate to post two things back-to-back this morning so please forgive…  In preparation for tonight’s Leaguecast (more on that coming from Will) the following question strikes me as important and I would like feedback...


Numeracy, Hedonism and Journalism: A Place-Holder

For those of you playing along at home, there will be some required reading for this upcoming post. In chronological order: At The Atlantic: Hard Core, by Natasha Vargas-Cooper Is That a Boiled Frog...


Annual Fund-Raising Drive Time!

It’s that wonderful time of year again when I post our annual fund-raising drive. If you enjoy your time spent here please consider donating via the Paypal link below. If you can’t do Paypal,...

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