Daily Archive: November 9, 2012


Friday Jukebox – Luke Doucet’s America

In the spirit of the election, here’s singer-songwriter Luke Doucet (with a special shoutout to Mike D’s Louisville): And, as a bonus, here he is – again with wife Melissa McClelland – covering a...


For Conor and Other Baseball Fans

In a recent post, Conor P. Williams and I have a bit of a back-and-forth about baseball and the late Montreal Expos. It made me think of a recent essay at The Barnstormer by Andrew...


Not Close

Kevin Drum provides a wonderful opportunity for me to launch my first volley in the struggle to write the first draft of history for the 2012 election: Liberals, you should rein in the triumphalism....


Was Mitt Romney “Juicing?”

In case you hadn’t noticed, American lefties have been having a bit of fun at Karl Rove’s expense. Their bête noire imploded on live TV Tuesday night; Fox’s Megyn Kelly had to talk him...

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