Daily Archive: November 8, 2012


Dear Internet…

Please start using Google+. It’s better than Facebook in nearly every way but one: nobody is using it.


Briefly, On The Search For Explanations

I have always been drawn to this scene; I find its argument appealing, especially the idea that people looking for patterns will always find them. There is something particularly human about this persistent insistence...


Economic Liberty after Obama

I hear lately from the right: With Obama’s second term, we’re all doomed to socialism forever. And sometimes, from the left: Relax, there’s no such thing as real economic liberty anyway. You’re chasing a...


Mining for a Heart of Gold: My third party vote

by Pierre Corneille As I’ve noted, I voted for Gary Johnson.  In large part, I drew the inspiration for my vote from Jason Kuznicki’s point that we might look at our vote as an expression...


Trade Sequence Part 2 – They Took Our Jobs!

First off, I have to say I’m both pleased and apprehensive I managed to get over 100 comments on my first post without actually saying anything. I hope that it’s a sign of ongoing interest in the topic, and not you guys running out of...

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