Daily Archive: November 6, 2012



Who called this election first? CNN?  FOX?  MSNBC? Pikers, the lot of them.  I beat them all by six months. I eagerly await my lucrative contract from the New York Times.


It appears that the big loser of the evening is Karl Rove…

… or perhaps more accurately, the well-off Republicans that paid billions of dollars into Super PACs such as Rove’s American Crossroads. Billions of dollars collected, spent, and it bought them nothing.  The Republicans maintained...



I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank poll workers for doing a likely very boring job under likely very irritating circumstances for likely no recognition… except highly negative recognition. (“What do you...


A Vote For Johnson Is A Vote For… Johnson

I have grown so frustrated with Twitter that I’m about to uninstall it from every device I own. I’ve noticed that it seems to run in a diurnal cycle: [Read more…]


Vote Your Conscience

I will do my best to be brief. I am voting today. But I am not voting for President Obama. I urge everyone else not to vote for him as well. I will do my...


Election Day Jukebox And Open Thread

Tell your voting stories here. Was it a touch screen? Was it a punch ballot? Was it a scan-tron kinda ballot? Tell the rumors you heard about other people’s voting stories here. Heck, everybody...