Angry for Paradise


Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar David Ryan says:

    “Working class paradise”

    That’s exactly what my wife said about Montauk when we moved out here 16 years ago.

    I’ve no doubt Jersey will recover. Montauk I’m not so sure.Report

  2. Avatar Jeff No-Last-Name says:

    That last paragraph is Space The Final Frontier Awesome!

    My favorite Joisey joke (both parents are from there): Why do they call New Jersey “The Garden State”? Because of all the mafiosi planted there.

    Gotta love a state that has a Joyce Kilmer Wayside Park with nary a tree in site.Report

  3. Avatar zic says:

    But also The Garden State.

    Paradise, fallen.Report

  4. Good post, Mark. And in reference to living in the shadow of New York:

    Good luck, New Jersey.Report

  5. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    I sincerely offer my best wishes for NJ’s recovery from a horrible disaster.

    That said, I lived there for ten years. I never got used to (literally in many cases) having to physically grab store clerks in order to get their attention to take my money. And every time I visited the West I had a tendency to grossly overtip at restaurants because the service was, by NJ standards, uniformly outstanding.Report

  6. Avatar greginak says:

    Once you have NJ in you it never leaves. I moved to Ak from NJ 17 years ago and NJ is still home in many ways. I’ll defend it if people attack and attack it if people talk it up. NJ diners are the best, all 9000 of them.

    I still have family and friends there, they all made it through okay that i’m aware of. I never really liked the Jersey Shore much although i did live on, and like, Brigantine Island for a while. Still hard to see it so damaged.

    Glad you made it through.Report

  7. Avatar Matty says:

    Stubornnes in the face of disaster is one the human characteristics I admire most. I salute you and I can tell from the attitude alone that you will recover.Report

  8. Avatar North says:

    My sardonic friends asked, on hearing that Sandy had hit Newark, whether that wouldn’t represent an improvement for the city.

    All the best for the Jerseyers, I’ve never watched Jersey Shore but I’m rooting for Jersey anyhow.Report