Oh Deer…



One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Tom Van Dyke says:

    Yah, Kazzy, but Obama got Honey Boo Boo. I make it a wash.Report

  2. Avatar BlaiseP says:

    Mr. Dwyer ought to shoot as many deer as is humanly possible.

    You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you realise you’re about to die? It’s not true. I can tell you what you do see: a deer’s ass, coming through the windshield.Report

    • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

      I made an effort this morning. No deer in sight. oh well, plenty of time left in the season.Report

      • Avatar James Hanley says:

        Maybe they know you by now. Word’s got out–“watch that Dryer fellow, he says he’s offering you a piece of candy, then BLAM! That’s how my Aunt Jane–you know, my cousin Bambi’s mom–was taken out.”Report

      • Avatar Kazzy says:

        Come sit on my back porch. I have 5-10 deer roaming through my property every day.Report

        • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

          I was going to say — the problem is you’re out in the country. Come to the suburbs, and you’ll find all the deer you could ask for.Report

          • Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

            Tell me about it. There’s nothing worse than spending a boring morning in the deer stand and then almost hitting a deer with your truck as you pull into your neighborhood. That’s happened to me on multiple occasions.Report

            • Avatar Kazzy says:

              When I hear my colleagues who hunt talk about the lengths they go to stay stealth during a hunt… camouflage, deer urine, tree stands, remaining absolutely still and silent… it takes all my strength not to share that I could swing a baseball bat in my backyard and take out enough deer to fill my freezer for months.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      My Mother was an exterior decorator. Deer ~love~ many of the most beautiful landscaping plants and they’re swarming these years. Nothing but stumps and well gnawed trunks. I’ve never heard that saintly woman use language like that on any other subject.

      She picks all her apples and baits like four or five different spots up in the fields beyond my childhood home in late summer and autumn.Report