Daily Archive: October 18, 2012


Gang Green

The Green Party is so irrelevant, they can’t even get arrested, as they say. Heh–sure they can.


Launch Day for S/V MON TIKI Approaches!

One or two previous post have concerned insurance, and insuring MON TIKI is all that stands between us and a launch this Saturday at Montauk Marine Basin. The surveyor was by today, impressed with...


Intermediate Scrutiny

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act has already been held unconstitutional by a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Today’s decision from the Second Circuit following suit and consciously anticipating SCOTUS review applies the “intermediate scrutiny” standard...


Make It Four

Okay, this was outed in the comments on Will’s post, so I’ll just put it here where everyone can see. One of the reasons (there are several) that I have done so little posting...


A Clear Misunderstanding

We had a clear understanding. There was a scheduled c-section on Monday. It is apparently the case that not-quite-newborns don’t abide my mutual understandings. Heading to the hospital…


Visiting Heaven

Eban Alexander has journeyed to heaven and returned to tell the tale. In addition to writing an upcoming book, he chose to publish his private revelation in the pages of Newsweek. He’s a neurosurgeon,...