Daily Archive: October 16, 2012


The Candidates on Guns

Romney supported an Assaault Weapons Ban because both sides wanted it. Obama wants an Assault Weapons Ban because there are automatic weapons on our streets. *sigh*


Who’s Going to Demand Full Employment?

Recently, a print-only Jacobin article from Chris Maisano inspired a worthwhile discussion between Shawn Gude and Matt Yglesias over full employment, a “moderate idea with radical implications,” as Yglesias put it. (Mike Konczal had a good...


Hey Joel, where you been?

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan, I happened upon the new Internet series by Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  The premise is pretty much what you’d expect, and the episodes lean more on great conversation...


A Word About Eric Hobsbawm…

Age of Revolution, Age of Capital and Age of Empire are three of the greatest books ever written about the 19th century. I think Brad DeLong has it right when he says: Even though he was...

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