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The Arcana of Political Economy: A Follow-Up

Author’s Note: This post is a follow-up to my original post on the political economy of magic. It’s highly recommended that you read that original post and the discussion thread after. I’m happy to...


Violenceacrez, Reddit and Abuse of Power

[Updated: It appears that I misread David’s post – and the responses of some of his commenters.  My bad.  Huge apologies to all involved, especially David.]   I’m just going to fess up right...


Governor Romney’s Mediscam

Daniel Hatcher, a professor of law at the University of Baltimore, recently authored an op-ed for the Boston Globe on how Romney, as governor, was a deft practitioner of what’s been called “Mediscam.” The practice,...


Undecided No More!

This was a fun quiz.  I particularly liked that it offered a variety of responses, including the ability to input your own.  It seems to give a far more nuanced portrayal and includes folks...


Treme, Season 3, Episode 4, “The Greatest Love”

Sitting on the couch after last night’s episode ended, a friend said, “What made that episode so good?” We sat and thought about it, and then realized the answer was obvious: Sonny was nowhere...

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