Daily Archive: October 11, 2012


Health Care Is Not About Numbers

Romney made news today, at least in the left-of-center blogosphere, with the claim that, “[N]o one in this country dies because they don’t have health insurance” (an assertion I’d argue the former Governor of...


On Liberal Media Bias

A few years ago, there was a mini-uproar about a supposedly “racist” computer webcam that failed to detect the faces of black folks and others with darker skin tones.  As the video below demonstrates,...


Scott H. Payne, Politician

In case anyone is wondering what Original Gentleman Scott Payne is doing, he’s running for the NDP nomination in Calgary Centre for an upcoming federal by-election. I’m sure we all wish him the best....


Bubbly Joe Biden vs. Attila the Republican

It’s just not fair. Our sassy and vivacious Vice President is about to get smushed by his younger, smarter, wittier, more able, more fit, more handsome, more charismatic, more knowledgeable, more prepared, more everythingish...

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