Daily Archive: October 9, 2012


Barack Obama is Not a Hippy

“If you rely on strength, when you hit the enemy’s sword you will inevitably hit too hard. If you do this, your own sword will be carried along as a result.” – Miyamoto Musashi...


U is for Undecided…

So Big Bird is backing Obama? Not so fast, Mr. President.  Big Bird’s, um, handlers had this to say: “We have approved no campaign ads, and, as is our general practice, have requested that...


Simpson-Bowles Will Not Save Us

Responding to the tidal wave of criticism his recent, much-discussed, and epic freak-out inspired, Andrew Sullivan today offered his best distillation thus far of the presidential campaign’s fundamental dynamic


Week Five Wrapup

And we have a new leader! In what promises to be one of the last Monday night writeups I’ll be able to do, I can see that the three-way fight for first place has...


Statistics and Narratives

Like most deeply patriotic American progressives, I love baseball above nearly all other things—mom and apple pie excepted, of course. I grew up a Detroit Tigers fan and was profoundly wounded by the experience....

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