Daily Archive: October 2, 2012


The Failures of Neoliberalism

When confronted with failure, there’s a familiar retort that emanates from both extremes of the political spectrum: their prescriptions simply “haven’t been tried.” There were some complicating factors which scuttled the whole thing, or...


Mitt Romney for President

by Koz Reading some of the recent posts, some of Tod’s and one of Burt’s in particular, the disconnect between the League and the Romney campaign is frustrating.  I wasn’t happy about the 47%...


The Future of Gun Ownership

Field & Stream’s Gun Nuts blog has been covering (here and here) the recent story of Defense Distributed, a group seeking to create the first 3-D printable gun. Defense Distributed has coined this project...


Week Four Roundup

The regular refs are back. They’re making bad calls just like the scabs did, but at least they aren’t deciding whole games. This, however, has not helped out my fantasy team one little bit....

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