Treme, Season 3, Episode 2, “Saints”


Sam Wilkinson

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  1. I agree to a certain point about Sonny, but I think that this ep was one of Annie’s most compelling. She’s showing an eagerness to get her career going that I find interesting. Over at my place I wrote that she’s gotten hungry, and I’m curious to see how that shakes out.Report

    • Avatar Sam Wilkinson says:

      I’m as hopeful as you are for something interesting, but honestly, I find myself enduring any scene involving any of those three. I’m a bad fan I guess.Report

  2. Avatar David Alexander says:

    The one thing I’ve tried to learn about shows like Treme (much like the Wire and the Sopranos) is we’ve got to give them a little time to percolate. Annie is getting hungry for more, and at some point that will impact on her relationship with Davis. Not sure where Sonny is going, but the scene in the bar with his girlfriend and father was pretty funny!!

    I think the storm has left scars on Annie, Davis and Sonny that they have yet to deal with. Janette’s reluctance to come back to NO is a realization that she has scars that have yet to heal, and she will have to work for/with an asshole boss to work through that. Just my opinion. Love the column!Report

    • Avatar Sam Wilkinson says:

      We’re into Season Three. Have Annie, Davis, and Sonny ever been compelling? Or, to put that another way, would the show be worse off without their presence? My argument is no, even though Davis does give us access to his Aunt (one of the show’s better occasional characters).

      I should acknowledge again though that I’m biased: I’m into the show’s telling of the city’s political and criminal rot and I’m into the hard(er) nosed endurance stories that have emerged. Annie, Davis, and Sonny seem to be living without serious challenge in their lives and I fail to find that compelling.Report

  3. Avatar David Alexander says:

    The political stuff is certainly good. Watching Hidalgo learn a little more about the city day by day is great (“You don’t need to game the system…”). I disagree that Annie and Sonny haven’t lived with serious challenge, and its the stories told at the personal level, as well as the larger scale, that make this such a great show!! Davis is just a goof, but I can live with that…Report

  4. Avatar Lindsay Beyerstein says:

    Annie’s character is flat compared to Antoine, Janette, or even supporting characters like Desiree and Aunt Mimi. But I think her blandness is more an acting issue than a script issue.

    The writers have given Annie a lot of challenge since the storm. She escaped an abusive relationship, rose from busker to respected gigging musician, and saw her mentor shot to death in front of her.Report

    • Avatar Sam says:

      You make an excellent point. One of the knocks against the show has been the wildly uneven acting. The show features all kinds of genuinely heavy hitters (Melissa Leo, Clarke Peters, Khandi Alexander, etc…) and then it also features younger performers like Lucia Micarelli. Maybe she’s just not up to the task?

      I don’t know though. I’m not sure I know enough to substantively critique most acting. And I still can’t get past the fact that even though Annie has experienced an awful lot, she seems no different for the experience. Maybe I’ve been watching her wrong.Report

  5. Avatar Crystal Bird says:

    One of my favorite things about Treme is the music. I’ll take all the bad acting and weak characters as long as I still get to see Davis interact in the studio with John Boutte, Annie playing the fiddle on the streets or in a club and Sonny jamming with a variety of bands, depending on his inconsistent character and lifestyle. It did seem to take some time but I feel it is developing as a drama series but I have always enjoyed Treme for it’s “true to New Orleans” richness in music.Report

    • Avatar Sam says:

      I read an interpretation of this week’s show arguing that it was nothing more than an attempt to highlight the city’s wild variety of music. It made me think that maybe I’d missed the point. That said though, even if it was a tribute to the music, I’m far more enthralled by what Antoine’s into than what Annie does. I’ve just never warmed to her as a character. The same goes for Sonny and Davis. Make of that what you will.Report