Daily Archive: September 28, 2012


Friday Jukebox

Well, since no one else has done a jukebox, I’ll put one up. I’m crushing on Curtis Mayfield today, but since, as the token Canuck, I feel compelled to offer some CanCon, here’s Bran Van 3000...


Boomer Sooner

It has come to my attention that Oklahoma will soon be an “Open Carry” state. My views on gun control are… well… let’s just say that I’m glad Canada doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment....


The Depressing Reality That is Pakistan.

News connected to Pakistan is a bit like reading a George RR Martin novel. It’s grim. It’s depressing. There’s too many characters that come in and out of nowhere and the narrative never seems...


Voting Part II: Vote Like No One’s Watching

For the impatient: I’m endorsing Gary Johnson. Recap: As discussed in Part I, flipping one individual vote will not decide the presidential election. For voters in virtually every state, we know this with 100%...


Mugged By Their Own Narrative

As Team Romney continues the process of self-immolation, various journalists have discerned a pattern in conservative reactions to his collapse. Echoing Richard Cohen’s column from several days ago, Fareed Zakaria notices that Romney is...

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