Daily Archive: September 26, 2012


Resistance is Futile…Our Culture Will Adapt to Service Us…

The release of the recent Life Under Drones report has the League and the blogosphere (See also: Sully’s roundup) as a whole abuzz with the ramifications of drone warfare. I have already made my personal affirmative case for the...


The Drone at the Door

Yesterday the international law clinics of NYU and Stanford released an in-depth study of drone strikes in Pakistan, looking at the controversial practice’s legality, efficacy, and how it affects innocent Pakistanis who must live...


G’mar Hatimah Tovah

Good wishes to all those amongst us observing this holiest of days.


A Reply to Professor Jacobson

Professor Jacobson has responded to my post disputing his contention that Elizabeth Warren may have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.  As explained below, I continue to believe the case that Professor Warren...


Great Minds Think Alike, Small Minds Seldom Differ

I promised to not reach any scientific conclusions in my personality test post and I intend to keep that promise by pointing out that these conclusions are not scientific. (Before we say anything, though,...


The Mexican Mormon War

Vice News went south of the border to Chihuahua to look at the Drug War and how it involves the breakaway Mormon sect from down there from which Mitt Romney’s family came (or returned)....

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