Daily Archive: September 25, 2012


Let’s Have Some Fun… PLEASE!

Jack Hitt has a “comedic” piece in the New Yorker that details a series of historically inaccurate statements by conservatives: 1775: New Hampshire starts the American Revolution: “What I love about New Hampshire… You’re the...


I still can’t drive 55.

One of MON TIKI’s carpenters was a ruined internet millionaire/rock-n-roll singer and guitar player with a difficult relationship with his children’s mother. One day he came to work with a small grey rabbit in...


There will be bad blood

Let’s get meta. Oh how I love meta discussions about community, community standards, and discontent. Nothing like addressing the ills of an online community to get the blood boiling. We’ve had lots of squabbles,...


Tips for a Stress-Free Hunting Season

With hunting season gearing up these are the ways I make sure it the next five months are a success and I am still married come March.  The list is easily adaptable to football and basketball fans.


The Insipid Campaign Cycle Of 2012

Is it just me, or is this not the dreariest Presidential election anyone can recall? An incumbent this weak shouldn’t be leading in the forecasts so consistently and so convincingly. Consider: a guy people can...


To Entrepreneur or Not to Entrepreneur

It’s really unfortunate that the Atlantic feels compelled to publish dribble like this. On just about any given week now, you can find one or two policy screeds delivered in the can-do voice of...


Week Three Roundup

I just watched Monday Night Football. Green Bay can beat the Seahawks. They did beat the Seahawks. But they can’t beat the Zebras. That was an interception. The replacement refs have finally decided a game,...