Daily Archive: September 20, 2012


Translation as Commentary (or, Commentary as Translation?)

It is September, which means—inevitably—that I find myself thinking about Paul Celan’s “Todesfugue,” this time (the first time) as a teacher.  It is hardly easy, in subject matter or in style—it is credited for...


Social Stigma can be a Contagion.

And getting people out of neighborhoods where it collects seems to be a cure. Interesting to note that the study actually didn’t support the thesis that environmental conditions would improve things like income or...


Support the Troops!

…by making sure they’re not moochers. Or something.


You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

The Tea Party’s page on Facebook is taking issue with an Obama campaign ad. The comments thread is not what I’d call awesome. I will offer three rejoinders. (edited to add) Trizzlor wins the...


Voting Part I: I Am Jason, of the Lizard People.

Any competent political scientist — or anyone with a working knowledge of arithmetic — can tell you that individual votes are almost never decisive to the outcome of an election. The popular press loves...


The Teacher Is In: Personality Edition

(This post cross-posted between Front Page and Mindless Diversions.  I’ll open comments on the former and close them on the latter just to keep things neat and tidy.) Recently I asked folks to submit questions that...


Social Stigmas (An Open Thread)

My colleague Jason Kuznicki argues that those who take charity should suffer a social stigma. Underlying this argument is the unspoken assumption that social stigmas are a good thing generally. I’m not convinced that...


Abortion and Public Reason

This morning I was able to watch our latest Leaguecast and enjoyed the conversation on public reason. There are a lot of takeaways, but I wanted to quickly speak to a point raised in the conversation. Around...



Now, of course, like all stories this is a story that may or may not reflect the reality. Seriously, though, if there’s any truth to this… it’s the sort of thing that makes me...