Daily Archive: September 18, 2012


So, is it possible Republicans are trying to lose?

Hands down, the best election blog post on the entire internet this year is Mark Thompson’s What Not Getting It Looks Like.  (And no, this is not just my opinion – it’s a fact....


Good Stories Never Die

Ya’ll remember Caine’s Arcade, yes? The Internet is still awesome. Important to remember after the last week.


Hiding The Happy

Court proceedings are, as a rule, public. By design, anyone is entitled to see pretty much everything that happens in open court. Now, I’m in court a lot. So I see restraining orders get...


We are the state

Many moons ago, in the gap of time between when I graduated from medical school and when my residency began, I went on a medical mission trip to Central America.  Two of my best...


Tuesday Morning Jukebox

Because I have had nothing to say about politics lately, and because we have been accused of being too white and too male, I give you this. I do hope Romney gets a chance...


How Entitlements Crowd Out Private Charity

Suppose I were a billionaire and I decided to spend my fortune supporting people who would otherwise have to rely on Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. So I set up a trust fund for...


On Protests on the Other Side of the World…

..and by this I don’t mean the Arab ones in the Middle East. Rather, I’m going to take a moment today to look at the string of protests/riots going on in China.


Mansplain to Me

I am routinely regarded, particularly by those who don’t know me, as a jerk. I know this because people in my office and my building remind me that this interpretation is widespread. They don’t...


Week Two Roundup

My birthday is Sunday, but my present came early — the NFL direct package and the Red Zone channel. Sunday morning there were nine games going at once and it was so great I...