Daily Archive: September 17, 2012


Data Visualizations

Doing it right. Still needs work. Note: the first draws from data collected by the back end that supports the second, so it’s not exactly a completely fair comparison.  Still… hire better UI guys,...


Romney on Obama Voters

Apparently secret video filmed at a recent Romney event.  Truth be told, I don’t know much what to make of it.  On the one hand, it seems to be one of the few moments...


American Process and Its “Occasional Services to Liberalism”

Liberals endure much teasing for their inability to articulate just what liberalism means.  Even their best and brightest flounder at the task.  “[T]here is something deep within liberalism,” Michael Tomasky attempts, “that prevents it...



Ketchup used to be awesome. With the possible exception of bread, I don’t think any food product has suffered more from commercialization. But bread’s made a comeback, and I’m pretty sure ketchup could, too....


With Great Access Comes Great Responsibility

In addition to some kind words from many commenters’, I’ve also gotten some substantial push back on what I thought was a rather uncontroversial position (so much so that I felt a bit guilty making...

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