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Tim Kowal

Tim Kowal is a husband, father, and attorney in Orange County, California, Vice President of the Orange County Federalist Society, commissioner on the OC Human Relations Commission, and Treasurer of Huntington Beach Tomorrow. The views expressed on this blog are his own. You can follow this blog via RSS, Facebook, or Twitter. Email is welcome at timkowal at gmail.com.

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56 Responses

  1. Patrick Cahalan says:

    Part of me wants this to stay up.Report

  2. Glyph says:

    Agreed, and I especially like this part – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7Report

  3. greginak says:

    So so un-american. why do you hate the US.Report

  4. Mike Schilling says:

    It would be immoral to delete this post. Every post has a right to show, starting from the moment of composition.Report

  5. Jaybird says:

    Do we have a theme?

    I’d say that the plots, such as they are, are transparent where they are not opaque but… the theme?

    “Do not think you will be able to truly overcome adversity without a sense of humor” is my best shot.Report

  6. Tim Kowal says:

    At least it was filed in the right category.Report

  7. greginak says:

    Well i like this better than Rush. So its got that going for it.Report

  8. Kazzy says:

    Now THAT is how you make a meatloaf!Report

  9. dexter says:

    Yes, but do you like it better than Rush eating meatloaf while getting a circumcision before they got their immunizations.
    I think it needs to be left up. At least this time Mr. Kowal gives us the numbers.Report

  10. Kazzy says:

    Nobody worry… I Rot13’d it:

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    qns2s2nn-s9p6-4rnn-o6or-89o4s48781rq – 3osr001n-32qr-4114-n6o4-4005o770s6q7Report

  11. God DAMN it. “daf2f2aa-f9c6-4eaa-b6be-89b4f48781ed – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7” was the subject of this coming week’s Stupid Tuesday Question.Report

  12. The sad thing is, I can understand this post more than most of Kimmi’s comments. (I kid because I love, Kimmi.)Report